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About IMAL

Expert knowledge, personal connections

Imal Wagner has special skills in knowing how and where to promote her clients and the extraordinary ability to forge long-lasting relationships with editors and producers. Her unique capabilities and relentless determination have resulted in an impressive client list of New York Times best-selling authors, up-and-coming performers and trailblazing business leaders. She works with self-help book authors, CEOs, business experts, and family and children gurus.


Imal has a proven track record of helping her clients achieve their goals and build successful careers. With years of experience in the industry, Imal has a deep understanding of the media landscape and knows how to craft and execute effective PR campaigns that get results. She has represented clients from a wide range of backgrounds and industries, including technology, fitness, entertainment and spirituality, and has a reputation for being tireless in her efforts to get her clients noticed.

Imal has had great success working with America's Top Psychic Medium, Matt Fraser. She helped Fraser to secure media coverage and launch his own TV show, as well as acting as his literary agent for his first three books published by Simon & Shuster. She did the PR launch for his book, When Heaven Calls and the New York Times bestseller We Never Die. Her ability to think creatively and strategically helped identify and seize opportunities which allowed Matt to fulfil his true potential.

Another of Imal's standout achievements is her work with Alex Tew, the creator of the Million Dollar Homepage. This innovative project gained widespread attention and media coverage thanks to Imal's global stealth campaign to promote it, helping Tew to raise over $1 million for his university education. Tew became a well-known figure in the tech industry and later went on to become the founder and CEO of, the billion dollar popular meditation and mindfulness app.

Imal's work extends beyond the world of entertainment and spirituality, as she has also played a key role in promoting thought leaders in the area of climate change and regenerative agriculture. She worked on the PR for the documentary film "Kiss the Ground," which examines the potential for regenerative agriculture to combat climate change. The film, written, directed, and filmed by Rebecca Harrell Tickell and Josh Tickell of The Big Picture Ranch, explores the idea that by regenerating the world's soils, we can stabilize the climate, restore lost ecosystems, and create abundant food supplies. Narrated by Woody Harrelson, the film uses compelling graphics, visuals, and NASA and NOAA footage to illustrate the role that soil can play in addressing the climate crisis. The film is currently available on Netflix and has won over 70 film awards.

Imal worked with Chris Haddad, also known as Michael Fiore, on a PR campaign to promote his new digital product called "How to Text Your Ex Back." Haddad, a successful copywriter, had a career history of writing copy for online marketers to sell their products, services, and courses, and has helped his clients to make millions of dollars. With Imal’s help he transitioned into marketing his own highly successful products, too.

Imal is known for her dedication, creativity, and strategic thinking. She is a valuable asset to any individual or organization looking to improve its public image or build brand awareness. With her deep understanding of the media landscape and her ability to craft and execute effective PR campaigns, Imal Wagner is a top-tier PR expert who consistently delivers results for her clients.

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